Why it is important to READ the newsletters?

Today I discovered that all those newsletters that are entering our e-mail boxes are …. not so bad.
Sometimes I am just ‘scrolling’ quickly with my eyes in order to catch the subject, but then it means that…. I am missing what is written in between the lines… Or I might have missed it… Newsletters are the way to keep in touch with the external world. A simple mean to learn something new, that one hasn’t even thought about before. And it is all in your e-mail box. (Of course, I assume, that you are choosing wisely with whom you are sharing your private email address ;-p)
Newsletters do not have to be annoying or disturbing. They just need to be read in a proper time. Good for you. Not when they have been delivered to your email box.
With current globalization trend of sharing with people as much as possible, it is important to concentrate own’s energy on the things that are bringing us back positive feeding. That are nourishing us, and not exposing to loss of vital forces. So… let us choose wisely, which whom we are spending time, concentrated on the screen of the digital mail window.