why Malta is tricky?

maybe you should not go to Malta. Think about it twice. If you have expectations…

I have been there last summer, flying Air Malta, and there is a lot to tell about….

You should reconsider your decision if you need cloudy, rainy environment, full of tourists and bad food. Malta IS NOT LIKE THIS!

What I experienced it is unbelievable pleasant climate, with locals that speak ITALIAN and English (even the oldest lady at the tiniest grocery shop!), the food is amazing…hmmm…. like in Italy!…, CHEAP and colorful with its freshness.

I expected to spend time with my friends (with all its beauty and cons too), and instead of I was embraced by… a stranger! I like my friends, but friends of my friends … maybe not so much – to be honest. So. What do I learn? that it is useless to expect and become disappointed. If you don’t forecast things then at least you might be surprised nicely, isn’t it?

(if not, unless you don’t spend your time preparing and worrying about the worst;-/)