Why you should start to write a blog

Maybe you’re asking yourself why should I start to write a blog?
Have it happen to you, to think about doing something, but the ghost of procrastination came out of the corner and you did not do anything?
Or maybe it was for you too much to share with the whole world, with your friends and family, with your enemies and the one you would even prefer not to think about, something that you consider as « private », « intimate », « yours » ?
I was in that place once too…
And then I was wondering a long time what should I write about? I am short time in a foreign country, without much of friends. For whom it would be? And today I learned from Derek Social Triggers, that it is ok not to be an expert. It is ok not to be well known. It is ok to start a blog to write that …. I AM LEARNING NOW. So… Welcome to the blog about learning.